Massages & Body Treatments

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With Justine

Thaï Massage

Known as the "lazy person's yoga" by the Thais, this massage provides deep relaxation for both body and mind. Still practiced in traditional Thai medicine, it dissolves tensions and alleviates pain. It's a dynamic massage that I perform gently, staying continuously attentive to your sensations. A single session maintains both physical and mental well-being, while a series of sessions relieves chronic tensions. Sessions take place on a comfortable mat on the floor, and you remain clothed. The massage covers from feet to head, personalized according to your needs.


Thursday and Friday afternoons

Rates :
1 hour: 75 euros
1.15 hours: 85 euros
1.5 hours: 95 euros

To book:
Contact Justine at +33 6 23 76 90 45 or



With Kristal

Californian Massage

A gentle and enveloping massage that relieves muscle tensions gently. Reduces stress, anxiety, and disconnects the mind.


Swedish Massage

A vigorous massage that untangles deep muscle knots, reactivates blood circulation, and tones and relaxes simultaneously.


Signature Massage 

An intuitive massage combining Californian and Swedish techniques, adapted to seasons and your current needs.



Wednesday from 5pm


1 hour: 75 euros
1.15 hours: 90 euros

To book:
Contact Kristal at +33 7 77 95 88 54 or



With Kristal

Drain & Scuplt

A draining massage combining Madérothérapie and manual lymphatic drainage. Reduces cellulite, detoxifies the body, shapes and sculpts the silhouette.


Wednesday from 5pm


1.15 hours Drain & Sculpt (specific area): 120 euros

To book:
Contact Kristal at +33 7 77 95 88 54 or



With Aymeline

Ayurvedic Massage

A full-body oil massage that regulates energy (doshas) and provides a profound sense of well-being. Ends with a foot massage using a kansu bowl. Pelvic squeeze possible upon request.


Prenatal Ayurvedic Massage

Accompanies pregnant women, relieves tensions, reduces fatigue, and regulates emotional states. Prepares for a serene and harmonious childbirth. From the 4th month of pregnancy.


Postnatal Ayurvedic Massage + Rebozo

A gentle treatment allowing gradual reappropriation of the body post-childbirth. Includes an oil body and belly massage, foot massage with a kansu bowl, and pelvic squeeze with the rebozo. From the first week post-childbirth.

Massage and Rebozo Ritual


A postpartum ritual to close the chapter of pregnancy. Enveloping and warming, promotes reconnection with the body, relieves tensions, and induces deep relaxation. Lasts 3 hours, with exchange, massage with warm oils, steam room with sound journey, and body squeeze in 7 points, including the pelvis.

For all postpartum women... or for those who want to close a chapter of life (separation, mourning, burnout).

For those with smaller budgets, I adapt this ritual, which will then be without a steam room, into a 1.5-hour treatment with two options:

  • Exchange, oil massage, and body squeeze in 3 points.
  • Exchange, rebozo massage (no oil, the person remains dressed), and body squeeze in 3 points.




1.5hours: 110 euros
1.5 hours, 4 hands: 220 euros
3hours : 220 euros
3 hours, 4 hands: 360 euros

To book:

Reservation link for 1.5-hour massage

Reservation link for 3-hours massage