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Reflexology is a discipline that falls within natural techniques. The foot (or hand) is a miniaturized representation of the human body. Each "reflex zone" corresponds to an organ, a gland, or a part of the body. Specific touch on these reflex zones helps restore balance in the corresponding parts of the body.

Reflexology is used to:

  • Alleviate stress by providing general relaxation. By working on reflex zones of the nervous system, breathing calms, and heart rate slows down.
  • Improve circulation. The soles of the feet are highly vascularized: pressures applied redirect blood towards the heart, allowing better oxygenation of cells.
    Facilitate the elimination of waste and toxins accumulated in the body by stimulating the excretory organs.
  • Help the body regain its balance (homeostasis). The organs of the body are interdependent; an imbalance in one part affects another.


It is impossible to perform a session in the case of:

  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Fracture and sprain of the foot

Session Process

  • Exchange time to identify your tensions, pains, and ailments to better address them during the session. Lifestyle advice.
  • Manipulation for 45-50 minutes.


Wednesday and Saturday mornings

1hour: 60 euros

To book:
Contact Eva at +33 6 07 80 22 95 or