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Founder & yoga teacher

Passionate about travel, yoga, and movement in general, I created Flow Studio to provide a pleasant, inclusive, and accessible space for everyone.

I've been teaching vinyasa and hatha flow since 2018, and more recently, I've trained in trauma-sensitive yoga. Whether they're gentle or more dynamic, my classes are fluid, guided by breath, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.



Yoga teacher

Certified yoga instructor from the Hatha Yoga Academy in Marseille (2-year training). Simultaneously, I work as a psychomotor therapist in a private practice.

For me, the body's journey toward well-being, greater self-awareness, and access to better grounding has always been of utmost importance. The yoga classes I offer are infused with this approach, allowing individuals to connect with themselves and facilitate internalization—a process that involves accepting one's limits and being guided by breath and profound sensations.



Yoga teacher

After over thirty years of intensive dance practice, I gradually turned to yoga. Beyond the physical aspect of asanas, I became more sensitive to the beneficial effects of the practice on both the physical and mental-emotional levels. What happens on the mat has a real impact on life! Curious to understand the magic that unfolds on the mat, I embarked on a two-year training at the Hatha Yoga Academy in Marseille. Enriched by these valuable learnings, I now have a genuine desire to share and impart yoga through various practices.



Pilates and Yoga teacher

Following a career change, I pursued a professional certificate in group fitness. I quickly supplemented my diploma with additional training to specialize in well-being disciplines: massages, Pilates, and yoga. I firmly believe in taking care of both the body and the mind, prioritizing the pursuit of pleasure above all. That's what I aim to convey in my classes: a moment of sharing, kindness, and taking care of both your mental and physical well-being!

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Kundalini & Yin yoga teacher

As a landscape designer, I've spent my entire professional life bringing more harmony and nature to the city, immersing myself in the magic, beauty, and teachings of life. After experiencing burnout, I discovered Kundalini Yoga. Its power strengthened my nervous system, helping me regain grounding, balance, vitality, unity, joy, creativity, broaden my consciousness, connect with my true identity, and something greater than myself. This transformative journey naturally led me to commit to instructor training at the International School of Karam Kriya, where I continue learning Kundalini Yoga and the meditative healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan. Still on the path, a landscapist of life... serving your inner gardens! I joyfully share my knowledge and experience, guiding you in this powerful practice for your radiance and inner sunshine!

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Afrovibe coach

I am a dancer, pole dancer, acro yogi—in short, a lover of movement and the internal balance that body expression brings. Self-love, letting go, empowerment, JOY! I want to share them with you ☀️

Afrovibe is a choreographed cardio class inspired by Afro-Caribbean dances. Your heart will race, your thighs will burn, and you won't even notice because you'll be dancing to an awesome playlist. The class is open to everyone, no specific technique required, and each session is progressive, so you can come try whenever you want!

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Kundalini yoga teacher

As a psychologist, discovering Kundalini was an incredible revelation for me, given the treasures this practice holds. While I had practiced Hatha and dance for years, I had never before experienced such sensations. Its power lies in the combination of postural and dynamic work, relaxation, and chanting mantras, allowing us to (re)connect with our inner space and reveal our pure essence. Graduating at the end of the year from KRI, I am excited to share my love for this yoga and accompany you on these journeys in this brand new beautiful studio!

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Thai Massage Practitioner

I am a certified professional practitioner from the Nuad Sen school, specializing in traditional Thai massage, known as Nuad Boran. I have completed over 300 hours of training and about the same number of massages over 3 years. Called 'the lazy person's yoga' by the Thais, this massage delivers deep relaxation for both body and mind. Still practiced in traditional Thai medicine, this treatment also dissolves tensions and relieves pain. It's a dynamic massage that I perform with gentleness, staying continuously tuned into your sensations. A single session helps maintain your body and spirits, but a series can provide relief for chronic tensions.



Wellness Masseuse

I'm Kristal, a wellness masseuse and practitioner in Art Therapy. Passionate about nature, culture, and spiritual rituals from certain countries, I've always been interested in practices that promote well-being by realigning the body and mind's well-being. Today, after a career change, I thrive in my work by bringing well-being to those who desire it—an opportunity to reconnect with yourself by listening to your body during a moment of relaxation and letting go.




As a certified plantar and palmar reflexologist, I joyfully welcome you to the studio for a session dedicated to your well-being.

I chose to delve into reflexology in 2021, during a fabulous professional turning point. My 15-month training is registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP). I discovered this practice while seeking relief from chronic pain that made my daily life more burdensome and found more than relief: a true letting go.

For me, well-being practices should be liberating, empowering, and as non-normative as possible. It's with this mindset that I listen to your needs, whether you're seeking relief from ailments or simply a moment for yourself and your well-being.

My passions: taking time, biodiversity, the sea, outdoor sports like climbing and sailing, Star Wars, dogs, love.

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Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner

I am a yoga teacher, doula, and practitioner in Ayurvedic massage and rebozo care. In 2015, while working as an engineer in Hong Kong, I discovered yoga and my complete lack of flexibility. Convinced by this practice that turned my life upside down, I trained in 2019 in vinyasa yoga. Thus began my journey of transitioning to this profession of Yoga-Doula that I love so much. In 2020, I became pregnant with my first child just as I returned to France. I then discovered the power of my body, its incredible capabilities. Surprised by the lack of information women receive on this subject, I started devouring books and workshops. I gave birth without an epidural to a wonderful little boy with intense needs, accelerating my internal revolution. I experienced postpartum depression, didn't realize it, returned to work, and had a burnout a few months later. I then decided to explore my desire for a career change in the field of parenting support and trained at the yoga-doula school. I became pregnant with my second child on the day of registration! My pregnancy and training overlapped, and I gave birth in early 2022, in my shower and painless, to my second son. I then decided to permanently leave my engineering job and support women in this journey of deep reconnection to themselves and their bodies through motherhood.