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Types of yoga

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Vinyasa: Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice, driven by the rythm of your breath. It offers a great freedom and creativity in the postures sequences. Moreover, each posture or sequence is followed by a vinyasa, wich means a defined serie of poses, linking the postures in a flowing way.


Hatha: It is the oldest and more traditional yoga. It is a relatively soft type of yoga in wich we do a posture after another, usually holding them for a 1 to 3 minutes. It brings together the poses, the breath, focus, relaxation and meditation.


Yin: Yin yoga is a very slow type of yoga in wich poses are held several minutes, in order to relax the deep tissues of the body. Most of the postures are practiced on the floor, we bring the awareness to the breath, the sensations of the body and letting go.


Yoga Nidra: Yoga nidra is based on breathing exercices and visualization to facilitate a deep letting go. A yoga nidra class starts by a relaxation guided by the voice of the teacher. This type of yoga touches the spheres of the uncounscious. It improves sleep, and lowers stress level thanks to a more sereine mind. Sophrology is inspired by yoga nidra.


Ashtanga: Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic and codified style of yoga, in wich we practice sequences (series) of defined postures. They are synchronised with the breath and brings practicionners strenght and flexibility.